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Loyalty Management Software

Anybody can sell a single item to a single customer, but the key to success in retail is getting those customers to return. Retargeting and retaining customers is of utmost importance for retailers, so effective loyalty strategies are critical. With iVend Loyalty Management Software, retailers have an intuitive platform that allows them to offer coupons, points, and discounts to their most loyal clients.

An Easy Way to Manage Loyalty and Points Programs

iVend Loyalty is a comprehensive loyalty management suite that consists of three main components: Enterprise, iVend Loyalty Client, and iVend Loyalty APIs. iVend Loyalty is designed to integrate seamlessly with iVend Retail, ensuring all customer information and inventory data is transferred accurately between platforms with no hassle. When customers are selected at the POS, their points will be displayed, and they can choose to use them or allow them to accumulate further.

After every transaction, points are integrated into the iVend Retail and Loyalty management platforms, providing retailers with an easy way to keep their loyalty programs up to date and accurate. Because this integration is carried out through the enterprise system, it is effortless and transparent. The iVend Loyalty app also comes with email templates that can double as effective marketing tools when trying to re-target loyal customers. iVend Loyalty touches all the bases when it comes to retaining clients with rewards programs.

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Build Loyalty

By offering personalised rewards that are easily redeemed, customers have top of mind awareness of the retailer and are more likely to return in the future.

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Gain Valuable Insights

iVend Loyalty helps retailers monitor customer behaviour and buying patterns, giving them a leg up in determining their next marketing strategies and feature items.

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Improved Customer Communication

Retailers can decide to inform customers of their rewards through email, text, or on their website. This allows constant and customisable communication pathways.

Product features

Flexible Loyalty Programs

Set up loyalty programs for the entire chain or individual stores. Change points and rewards based on geographical area, customer demographics or other specifics.

Membership Levels

Create as many levels of loyalty rankings as you like. Retailers can set the parameters for the number of sales required to reach a higher tier.

Multiple Loyalty Plans

Push sales of certain items or categories by defining specific plans. These can be customised according to stores, channels, regions, or dates.

Resilient Performance Modes

iVend Loyalty operates in real time, but in the case of a server outage, transactions will be saved locally and synced upon network repair.

Standalone Loyalty

If a retailer doesn’t have the rest of the iVend Management Suite, the Loyalty Management Software can operate on its own and integrate with third party management systems.

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