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POS System

This state-of-the-art POS software can be used across multiple stores by several users and is fully e-commerce integrated, providing ease of sale to new and returning customers. By managing all inventory on a central server, you can access customer profiles, suggestions, pricing, discounts, promotions, layaways, and returns all from one place – both on-site and remotely. Online loyalty schemes are available as are integrated reporting and analytics services. Because it is cloud-based, it can be accessed from terminals and mobile devices.

Maximise Sales and Profitability

iVend POS allows retailers to maximise sales, margins, and profitability by utilising a cloud service that can be accessed across multiple stores by any authorised users. This POS supports all customer paths-to-purchase in the retailer’s system and allows users to customise these reports. By using advanced reporting and analytic algorithms, data can be turned into decisions to show insight into real-time KPIs. Jump across any channels to reward customers for loyalty with integrated online and in-store point systems that can be redeemed at any store.

Data encryption and tokenisation are other services that allow you to safely and securely integrate all the data you need to run your business. This POS allows secure payments across a variety of numerous payment methods and forms of currency. Because transactions are fully integrated, customers will enjoy faster checkout times and instant rewards. Each sales representative can be given a customised level of security to prevent fraud and automatically report suspicious behaviour.

The customer will enjoy automated features that make the shopping experience more pleasant and efficient, saving money and increasing loyalty.

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Digital Store Platform

Through an advanced series of integrated software modules, your online and brick-and-mortar stores will be seamlessly connected and functional.

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Improved Customer Experience

The customer will enjoy automated features that enhance the shopping experience.

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Better Inventory Management

Because of a fully integrated and real-time look into any store’s inventory, inventory decisions will be easier to make.

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Integrated Reporting and Analytics

Easy access to data and the ability to quickly make KPI-based decisions will save you time and money while improving your sales performance.

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Safety and Security

All payments are secured through regional and country-specific payment systems and allow for various payment methods and forms of currency. 

Product features

Seamless Payment

Multiple payment types including credit cards, cheques and cash, and multiple currencies can be supported based on customisation.

Pricing and Promotion Management

Choose specific pricing and promotion types to best fit your sales and marketing scheme. Store specific pricing, returning customer discounts, and much more are all available.

Centralised Gift Card and Voucher Management

All gift card balances are available across any store in your network thanks to our cloud-based computing software.  Cards can be redeemed at any participating store.

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Stride Technology forms part of Harvest, the Hili Ventures Technology Division. Harvest delivers system engineering, software development, security solutions, e-payments platform, business intelligence as well as other IT Services. With Harvest management expertise, technological prowess and operation excellence is guaranteed.

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